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Education to all through Sarva Siksha Abhiyan

Through bridge course centers PATHEYA had tried to bring light of Education for the deprived children of underprivileged society who had never been to school nor were their families interested to send their children for formal school. After the completion of bridge course they were mainstreaming into formal government school in their vicinity of living. Apart from knowledge they are now also availing mid day meal and free health checkup which are provided in the school and also benefitted from other related schemes which the government has specially planned for poor category of the society. All total 35 learning centers out of which approx. 1300 students got mainstreamed into formal school.

Health to all by providing DOT Centers

Health is the important phenomenon for every individual. Good health brings happiness and success in the family. By establishing DOT centers and providing training to the workers, Patheya has been trying to bring smile to the tuberculosis patients. All TB patients get medicines and health check up free of cost. The poor families are getting benefited by the DOT Centers. More than 500 patients have got treated and now they are totally TB free individuals.

Yamuna Action Plan

Create awareness among people for pollution free environment and clean environments, by making Zero waste zones which is the main motto of this programme. . Wastes create hazards for both animal and human beings. Area coverage under region I, Narela, Rohini, Pitampura, Civil Lines & under region II, Shahdara south, Shahdara north, City. Every day the generation of wastes from households and that wastes to be collected, segregated and either it recycled or sell them are the continuous process performed by the Patheya daily. Whatever wet/Biodegradable wastes arise from households that are converted into compost and the dry/recyclable wastes are utilized for making decorative pieces. Thus the city becomes zero waste zones. Conversion of solid waste into compost and utilized them for plantation and gardening are the major activities under YAP.

Solid waste management

The Cantonment area of Delhi and one of the most important places of Delhi i.e. Rajghat (Gandhi Samadhi) are main coverage of this project. Daily collection of household solid wastes, wastes generated from offices and roads are segregated into biodegradable and non biodegradable form and converting biodegradable waste into compost by using EM-1 solution are the main activities in the cantonment areas. Thus organization brings a healthy and pollution free environment in the cantonment area of Delhi. 

In the Rajghat area also Patheya has been working in the areas of solid waste management and help to maintain sustainable environment by converting plant wastes into compost.

Research and Development

A rapid rise in population has resulted in urbanization. This rising population ultimately led to increase in the solid waste generation and its disposal. According to a survey the amount of recyclable waste is around 13-20% and rest is biodegradable in nature. Biodegradable waste promotes the growth of disease causing agent and results into outbreak of an epidemic. If this waste is recycled then it can be converted into good quality fertilizer. The organization has been doing this activity that is conversion of waste into valuable compost for last five year. For this Organization has received a certificate from the Government of India i.e. SIRO certificate for the field of Research in this related field. Patheya also designed a complete scientific and technological compost pit where within 7days biodegradable wastes can be converted to composting. It is a continuous ongoing process. Patheya has started this innovative technique in Rajghat (Gandhi Samadhi) and also cantonment area of Delhi. Total production of compost which is utilized for plants and floriculture and also used by the households for their kitchen gardening and pot plants.

Food processing and preservation outlets

In Ranchi, Jharkhand Patheya has started a training center where people are getting trained on making papad, Bari and pickle. Now ladies from nearby communities have started their small enterprise on the products like papad and pickle. The products are also sold out by the self-help group through SHG’s mela and other craft bazaar, gramin mela and also by the local shops. Short term training course is organized for various groups.

Kasturba Gandhi Awasiya vidyalaya

Patheya has also started a residential schooling center for girls who belong to the ST/SC class or poor section of the society in West Champaran Districts of Bihar. Before we started this program there were a few number of girls who got education. Now per batch coverage is 50 and they are getting formal education and also benefitted by the stipend provided for each and every enrolled girl. Apart from this they are also getting vocational training like computer education, cutting and stitching garments, cooking and also health and hygiene and personal grooming course. This has helped in changing the mindset of the people. Now they are aware about the importance of girl education and instead of early marriage of girls, they send them to school for education.

Vocational /Livelihood training

Under these programs PATHEYA provided training to the adolescent girls and women from poor community on computer training, Beautician, Mehendi , tailoring courses, bag making, Adda kari, cooking, Art and Craft. After completion of the courses the individual had either have started their business or have got appointment in some companies.