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Cantonment Board, Mathura

With the esteem success in Allahabad, we moved forward towards the expansion of Solid Waste Management drive in Mathura as well, which involves segregation and composting of garbage collected from the Cantonment Board Area of Mathura.

Patna Municipal Corporation

The growth and reputation of Patheya has made its way to Patna Municipal Corporation in the starting of this year. And today with the support of PMC we started up a new project where we are major service provider for the INTEGRATED SOLID WASTE management.

Cantonment Board, Ranikhet

From the mid of 2016, Patheya has taken its initiative towards the conservancy services, which includes cleaning, sweeping and maintenance of roads and Integrated Solid Waste Management which involves the process of collection and transportation of garbage, disposal of garbage,  segregation and composting of the same, throughout the Cantonment Board area of Ranikhet.

Bareily and Agra

In these areas, we have set up our plants for the complete process of Solid Waste Management; right from its collection to composting and delivering the final product to the public.

Cantonment Board, Jammu

We have also started to imprint the footsteps of Patheya in the Jammu Cantonment Board for providing them our expert services in Integrated Solid Waste management and manpower supply.


During 2016, Patheya has expanded its coverage area to Jharkhand as well, and Ramgarh is one of the most important one.  Here we are providing our key service of Integrated Solid Waste Management, along with the door-to-door collection of bio-degradable and non bio-degradable waste, lifting of garbage from dustbin points and covered transportation of the same.

Allahabad Cantonment Board

By the mid of 2014, we had received  another  project  which become an addition in our successful  journey  in Allahabad, Madhya Pradesh. We are providing our esteem service of integrated Solid Waste Management in the Cantonment Board of Allahabad.

Cantonment Board, Kanpur

In Kanpur, Patheya has been providing its conservancy services of cleaning and sweeping of roads and drains; along with the service of door to door collection of garbage from households and transportation of waste to the dumping ground. This project is working under the supervision of Cantonment Board of Kanpur , since late 2015.