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Research & Development

Patheya has designed some new strategies, so that it might be able to elaborate the dimension of its research & development not only in Delhi but also in other states of India. In accordance with the visions of Patheya. Its R & D activities will also be approached in other sectors of social aspects with support of other sponsoring agencies. The present area of research & development will be modified from view point to make more fruitful, relevant as well as beneficial to the vulnerable section of the society.


This is one of the significant cum dignified component of the aims & objectives of Patheya; it has been recognized by the management and further decided that this part will be done with new enthusiasm with support of other sponsoring organizations like Tetra Pack, HSBC Bank, Teri & Save the Children. Different type of skill development training will be provided to the women & adolescent of vulnerable / marginalized section of society, so that they might be able to improve their status of lively. This significant task will be furnished through the concept of Self Help Group.


On behalf of glorious experience, Patheya has decided to set up new mile stones in the sector of health & hygiene and in this regard VHAI, Rotary Clubs, Red Cross Society will approached in addition to Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, State Health agencies at Delhi & Jharkhand, and other competent agencies. 


As Patheya has done a great job under Sarv Siksha Abhiyan by mainstreaming of more than 3000 non school going children from marginalized section of the society in Delhi, it has further decided to provide education all remaining non school going children, physically & mentally challenged children and other needy group of the society. In this regards, agencies like UEE Mission, SCERT in Delhi, Jharkhand & Bihar, and donor agencies like Smile Foundation of India are being approached. The motto of PATHEYA is not to provide only the academic education to its beneficiaries, but to ensure employment oriented education especially by the concept of entrepreneurship.


On behalf of the success in skill development activities in Delhi & Jharkhand, Patheya has decided to elaborate this activity with support of new as well as existing supporting agencies. As far as life security as a part of livelihood is concerned, Patheya has joined hands with LIC for its micro finance policies like Jeevan Madhur & Jeevan Mangle. In this regard it has been decided that all beneficiaries of Patheya will be covered under this two significant policies within a year.

Solid Waste Management

Solid waste management is fast coming to be recognized  as priority area requiring intervention, if life in urban areas is to be sustained and improved. And in this light, PATHEYA has engaged leading organizations in this field for providing comprehensive solutions with integrated approach in the field of solid waste management and to cope up with the problems of plastic, rubber and synthetic material by conversion into hydro carbon and mechanical biological treatment (MBT) to process entire bio-degradable waste into valuable bio-organic manure, which belong to depleted soil and food production system.

Clean Environment

From the beginning of Patheya’s incorporation, clean Environment  has been our one of the prime goals to achieve. Apart from SWM, we have been driving conservancy and sanitation services across major cantonment boards , municipal corporations, municipal councils , government office premises, etc.